• Tampo print
  • Hot press print
  • Sublimation
  • Embroidery
  • Engraving
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • UV Print
  • 3D-bossing
  • Smaller gifts
  • Design work and prints


Tampo print for various-shaped products and details


Tampo print is the most popular method for printing on plastic, glass, porcelain, wooden, leather and metal products. Maximum print space depends on the product, but it should fit a 65mm diameter circle.

Tampo print suits perfectly for products that are curved or concaved. Tampo print is used on smaller items, such as pens and key holders, but also on mugs, clocks and electronic items. Take a look at a short video of how a logo is printed on a pen.


Suitable products for tampo print


Hot press print


Logo, number or text cut out of a special material can be sticked on textile under high temperature and pressed on the product (sports wear, T-shirts, polos, working clothes etc). To print photos and graphics, a different printable material can be used. It's suitable for smaller quantities. Print size is up to 36x36cm.



Suitable products for hot press print


  1. Nanaimo short sleeve men's t-shirt
    As low as €10.35




This technology allows to print full coloured graphics, like photos, on synthetic material. It's similar to hot press print, but as only the tint touches the fabric, it doesn't influence the texture and viscosity, you won't feel it on the fabric. The result is full of colour and durable.



Suitable products for sublimation print


  1. Watch-out XL safety vest in pouch for professional use
    As low as €7.03




Logos or slogans can be worked into textile and outdoor clothing (jackets, shirts, socks, scarves, hats, towels and bags) with embroidery. The price of embroidery depends on the amount of stitches - larger logos are more expensive. When there isn't a possibility to print directly onto the product, the print will go on a patch which will be sown onto the product.



Suitable products for embroidery



Silk screen printing


Silk Screen Printing is mostly for printing on textile products (jackets, shirts, socks, scarves, hats, towels and bags). The maximum size for silk print can be A3. Silk print cannot be applied on stitches. It's good to know that each printed colour needs a separate print frame. The price depends on the preparation work, the number of colours and the amount of prints.


Suitable products for silk screen printing
  1. Nanaimo short sleeve women's T-shirt
    As low as €10.35
  2. Carolina 100 g/m² cotton tote bag
    As low as €1.17



Engraving is the most lasting method for printing on metal products (key holders, pens, trophies, tiepins). In addition to metal, it's possible to engrave on wood, plastic and glass.



Suitable products for engraving


  1. Geo 350 ml copper vacuum insulated tumbler
    As low as €15.84


UV Print


UV print for smaller items, presents or details. This technology allows to print on any material: leather, faux leather, paper, glass, wood, metal, plastic etc. The maximum printable area is 508x330mm, maximum height 100mm.

Selection of products:

  • business cards
  • pens
  • phone covers
  • keyholders
  • USB-sticks
  • candles and lighters
  • golf balls
  • boxes, advert boards and many other products



Suitable products for UV-print


  1. A5 note book 'kiel'
    As low as €3.50




Bossing soft and lasting 3D-motives is available for more than 120 different materials, including cotton, linen and woollen textiles.Both embossing and debossing are available. 3D-decorations can be added to everything from rugs to clothes. It enables to press into knitted clothes (even gloves) and dress shirts. The machine has settings ready for different materials.


Examples of 3D-bossing


Smaller gifts


Logos, coats of arms and symbolics can be applied to tiepins and broaches. We also offer badges of 38mm or 56mm in diameter.


Examples of smaller gifts


Desing works and prints


We design different works: from advertisements to logos. Stickers and business cards can also be ordered from us.

Graafika In order for us to deal swiftly with the design work, the graphics should be presented in one of the following formats:

  • CorelDraw (cdr)
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
  • Adobe Illustrator (ai)
  • Encapsulated PostscripT (eps)


Already designed products


  1. Postrid ja plakatid
    As low as €7.00