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We offer a wide selection of business gifts suitable for home and leisure time, where we engrave, embroider or print your logo or message: home textile, cutting boards, wine utensils, kitchen utensils, toolboxes, flashlights, hiking tools, beauty and health products. For business partners you can find soft beach blankets or towels for sauna.

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  1. Deluxe canvas chef apron
    As low as €29.80
  2. Deluxe canvas oven mitt
    As low as €11.85
  3. Glass lunchbox with bamboo lid
    As low as €15.40
  4. Vino Connoisseur 4pc set
    As low as €16.65
  5. Vino Waiters corkscrew
    As low as €2.01
  6. Vino Wine chiller stick
    As low as €11.85
  7. Vino Sommelier set 3pc
    As low as €10.68
  8. Re-usable stainless steel ice cubes 4pc
    As low as €14.25
  9. Deluxe 3-in-1 board game in wooden box
    As low as €7.75
  10. Deluxe mikado/domino in wooden box
    As low as €7.10
  11. Deluxe tumbling tower wood block stacking game
    As low as €10.66
  12. Postri riputi
    As low as €5.50
  13. Pildiraamid Decoline sari
    As low as €3.00
  14. Bathtowel Wego
    As low as €0.00
  15. Celuk bamboo cutlery set
    As low as €2.55