Seljakott DYNAMIC 2 in 1


Seljakott DYNAMIC 2 in 1

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DYNAMIC 2 in 1 on sobiv seljakott ärireisideks, mis eristub oma mitmekülgsuse ja duaalsuse poolest. Selle tõhus disain võimaldab olla unikaalne ja praktiline-seljakott jaguneb diskreetselt seljakotiks ja reisikotiks. 1680D nahast seljakotil on sees kaks taskut, mis sobib kuni 15,6'' sülearvutile ja kuni 10,5'' tahvelarvutile. Mahukas reisikott võimaldab suurepäraselt mahutada riided kuni 2-3-päevaseks reisiks. Kotil on tagaküljel vargakindel tasku ja PU-ga elastse ribaga lukud. Selle seljakoti kahte osa saab kasutada eraldi või koos. Tarnitakse lausriidest kotis. 300 x 420 x 200 mm | Seljakott: 300 x 420 x 75 mm | Reisikott: 300 x 420 x 130 mm | Kott: 550 x 580 x 210 mm.

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DYNAMIC 2 in 1 is an urban backpack that is distinguished by its versatility and duality. Its efficient design allows it to be a unique and versatile object that divides discreetly into a backpack and a travel bag. The 1680D leather backpack has two pockets inside, which protect a laptop up to 15.6'' and a tablet up to 10.5''. The spacious travel bag allows you to perfectly organize clothes for a 2 or 3 day trip. It has an anti-theft pocket on the back and zippers with an elastic band with PU. The DYNAMIC 2 in 1 has a trolley band that underlines its practical and functional side. The two parts of this backpack can be used separately or as a single piece. Supplied in a non-woven bag. 300 x 420 x 200 mm | Backpack: 300 x 420 x 75 mm | Travel bag: 300 x 420 x 130 mm | Bag: 550 x 580 x 210 mm